to relevant websites in and around Integrated Healthcare

Complementary Medicines in Public Health
Foundation for Integrated Medicine - also: FIMED publications
World Health Organization Publications - Traditional Medicines
Centre for Complementary Health Studies, Exeter University
Complementary Health Studies: links to online resources  - University of Exeter
NHS Alliance: complementary medicine pages
Complementary Medicine - information pack for primary care groups
Complementary & Alternative Medicine  House of Lords Report, 2000
Academic Departments of Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital  - info about homoeopathy in healthcare

General reference
UK Directory of Complementary Therapies on the Internet
Synergy Health and Wellbeing Resources  online links to valuable UK health resources
NHS Direct  National Health Service online
OMNI: Organising Medical Networked Information  UK gateway to high quality biomedical Internet resources
UK Health Centre  Guide to medical and health web-information, by David Rayne, rural GP in N Yorkshire.
Medical Research Centre  UK medical and scientific research
US National Library of Medicine  - "the world's largest medical library"
Dr Bower's Complementary & Alternative Medicine homepage  - USA, detailed links to specialist sites
Alternative Medicine Digest and Database  - USA
MedicineNet - medical references
Ask NOAH about complementary medicine  - USA
Psychology Today  - USA
Integrated Healthcare Clinics  Minnesota, USA

Specific disciplines and organisations in Complementary Medicine
YAHOO: healthcare organisations  - search engine
YAHOO: Alternative Medicine  - search engine
British Holistic Medical Association
National Institute of Medical Herbalists
British Herbal Medicine Association
Cancer Alternative Information Bureau
Society of Homoeopaths
European & International Councils for Classical Homeopathy
British Homoeopathic Library
National Federation of Spiritual Healers UK
Aromatherapy Organisations Council
CranioSacral Therapy Association
Foundation for Traditional Chinese Medicine  - acupuncture homepage
British Medical Acupuncture Society
Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists  - physios using acupuncture
College of Integrated Chinese Medicine
Taiji & Qigong Alliance for Integrated Healthcare
UK Register of Irritable Bowel Syndrome Therapists
New Approaches to Cancer UK
Bristol Cancer Help Centre
Complementary/Alternative Veterinary Treatment for Pets UK
UK Bodywork Internet Gazette
Healing Hands Network  - holistic health in disaster relief
Gifts of Health  policy, research and public awareness on indigenous or traditional medicines
IIHA: International Integrated Health Association  Holistic health & aid in Russia and Ukraine

Conventional healthcare organisations and campaigns
HMG Department of Health
NHS Alliance
National Association of Primary Care
The Lancet  medical journal
Mental Health Foundation UK
Breast Cancer Campaign
Alcoholics Anonymous UK