A consultation will begin with a thorough assessment of the patient’s state of health. Once a fundamental personal diagnosis has been made, the practitioner will dispense an individually formulated medicine, together with any relevant advice on diet, exercise and any other areas which affect the patient’s present and future health. The end result aimed for is not solely the cure of a particular disease, but rather a return to an overall state of  good health and well-being.

                  After the initial consultation, a follow-up will normally be booked for 2 o 3 weeks later, and enough medicine 
                  prepared to cover that period.


Medicines prepared individually for each patient are made using extracts of whole plants, rather than isolated “active constituents”. Again and again it has been demonstrated that these whole-plant remedies are safer and more effective than individual chemicals. The complex interactions of the various constituents of medicinal herbs act in concert to produce an effect that is safe, cumulative and deeply healing. Herbal Medicine works with nature, encouraging, supporting and directing the organism’s own innate powers of self-healing.

All consultations are conducted under conditions of complete confidentiality, and you can be assured of a patient, compassionate and professional environment.

                                                                         SCALE OF CHARGES

 First Consultation (1 hour)                                                                            £40

Follow-up Consultations (1/2 hour) (usually 3 to 4 weeks later)             £20

Medicines (per 100ml)                                                     £8   (100ml. medicine is usually equivalent to 1 week's supply)

Repeat Prescription Charge                                                                  £6  + Cost of medicine (see above)




Examples of charges:

            Initial Consultation + 300ml. bottle of medicine (to last 3-4 weeks) : £64

            Follow-up Consultation + 300ml. bottle of medicine (to last 3-4 weeks) :  £44

            Repeat Prescription (300ml. bottle of medicine, collected) :  £30   

               Repeat Prescription (300ml. bottle of medicine, posted) :     £35