Suitable Cases for Treatment

The basic principles of herbal medicine are holistic; the medical herbalistís approach to any patient is to attempt to discover the underlying causes of the individualís ill-health, rather than apply stock remedies for given conditions. The basic aim is to restore and harmonise overall functional integrity and promote healing. Because of this approach of treating people rather than diseases, the exercise of delineating which medical conditions are particularly responsive to herbal therapy is somewhat artificial, and can only be seen at best as a rough guide.

March 2011 - Update:

Due to new regulations on health information provided by complementary practitioners, herbalists can no longer make statements about conditions they have successfully treated. Despite being in practice for nearly 40 years, and herbal medicine having been used for thousands of years, I am no longer permitted to give guidance on this website as to whether or not I may be able to help with your particular condition. Hopefully a more enlightened view towards validating efficacy will eventually emerge: until such time please feel free to contact me if you need more information.